03.24|The innovations in 21st Century

Lecturer:Dr. Jesse Fang

Vice Presidents of Intel & Managing Director of Intel Labs China

Time:24 Mar,10:00a.m.-11:00a.m.

Venue:No.2 Meeting Room, 102 Software Building



The talk will start from comparison of Bell Labs and the new industrial research in 21st century. Bell Labs was an outstanding industry research labs in 20th century. What kind of innovations do we need in 21st century? Where is the Bell Labs in 21st century? No-one knows it. Let’s encourage ourselves by that the best way to predict future is to create future.

Several trends are clear in computer industry today. Moore’s Law will continue in couple decades at least, which provides advanced silicon technology, the foundation of future innovations in 21st Century. Bell’s Law may be true also in 21st Century, the form factor of computer platform will bring revolution of applications. The wearable computer, IoT network, “Maker” movement, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, merge of computing and communication will bring the third industry revolution. All the traditional research topics including computer architecture, security, reliability, user experience, user interface, data processing/data base, programming language and environment, runtime systems and others should shift the research focus on these new topics with the new IT or ICT trends.

With such industry trends, the research at universities should change also. The collaboration becomes more and more important, especially collaboration with industry. Collaborative research is necessary for such quick changed industry. New business model will show up with the trends. Universities, particularly graduate schools, should be ready for these challenges. China is in the leading position in the world economy, and it should be in the leading position in the future innovation as well. It will be your tasks of China Dream as the young educated generation!


Dr. Jesse Fang is Vice President of Intel and is the Managing Director of Intel Labs China.

In 1995, Dr. Jesse Fang joined Intel to support Justin Rattner (current Intel CTO) who founded Intel Microprocessor Research Lab (MRL). Before joining Intel, Jesse was manager of Hewlett-Packet Research Lab compiler team that initiated the Itanium Architecture since 1991.

Jesse Fang got his Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Nebraska-Lincoln before he did a post-Doctorate at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He got his B.S. in Math at Fudan University in Shanghai.


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