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About Us

about-us_03The School of Computer Science at Fudan University was founded in 2008. The school was established on the long tradition of Computer Science research and education since the building of the first analog computer in the nation in 1956 and the founding of the Department of Computer Science in 1975.

Following the tradition of high academic standards of Fudan University and building on the academic strengths of a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive university, the School of Computer Science engages in cutting edge research at the forefront of Computer Science at a high international level, serving the national strategic demand for top-class education, research and economic development.

The School’s enthusiastic excellent teaching and scientific research team consists of 157 staff including 115 full-time teachers, 22 full professors (all are PhD supervisors), 46 associate professors, and 16 researchers.

The School has established a full teaching program covering all levels from undergraduates to doctoral students. The School offers degrees in Computer Science and Technology, Information Security, and Software Engineering, a full-time professional degree for Master of Engineering in Computer Technology & Software Engineering, and part-time professional degrees for Master of Engineering in Computer Technology and Software Engineering. The school also provides basic computer science courses for students from other schools in our university. In addition, the school’s teaching lab has been honored as a Shanghai Experimental Teaching Center as well as the National Demonstrative Experimental Computer Science Center.

In recent years, the faculty of the School undertook a large number of projects in their respective areas or in multi-disciplinary collaboration endeavors and made some influential scientific achievements. In addition, the teachers and students of the School annually publish papers at many international top-level conferences and journals.

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