jsj-6The School has established a full teaching program covering all levels from undergraduates to doctoral students. It has the right to grant doctoral degrees in the top-level discipline of Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering., School hosts postdoctoral workstations in Computer Science and Technology & Software Engineering. It also has the right to grant doctoral and bachelor’s degrees in the second-level disciplines of Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology, and Computer System Architecture. Furthermore, the School offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Technology, Information Security, Secrecy Administration and Software Engineering, a full-time professional degree for Master of Engineering in Computer Technology & Software Engineering , and part-time professional degrees for Master of Engineering in Computer Technology and Software Engineering. The school also provides basic computer science courses for students from other schools in our university. In addition, the school’s teaching lab has been honored as a Shanghai Experimental Teaching Center.

At the end of 2012, the School had an enrollment of 174doctoral students, 358 master students, 760undergraduates, 158 full-time and 1,176 part-time students for the professional degree for Masters of Engineering. Since its establishment, the School has made remarkable achievements in talents training, with one national Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, three Excellent Doctoral Dissertations honored by the China Computer Federation, one Excellent Doctoral Dissertation nominated by the China Computer Federation, and several Excellent Doctoral and Master Dissertations in Shanghai.

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